September 21, 2009

On October 26, 2009 Vic Records will re-release "Those Shredded Dreams", the long time sold out, legendary debut of Sweden’s FURBOWL. This re-issue contains 2 bonus video clips and a bonus disc with 11 tracks that the band recorded before and after their debut album, re-mastered by Mike Wead (KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE / BIBLEBLACK). The album has new (cover) artwork and extensive liner notes from Johan, Max and Michael. The tracklist reads as follows: Disc 1: ‘Damage Done’, ‘Nothing Forever’, ‘Razorblades’, ‘Desertion’, ‘Sharkheaven’, ‘Those Shredded Dreams’, ‘Desertion’ (video) and ‘Razorblades’ (Live in Uppsala 1993 video). Disc 2: ‘Hymn For Nathalie Rose’ (1993 demo), ‘Heart Inferno’ (1993 demo), ‘Only Inhuman’ (Demo 1992), ‘Buried Alive’ (VENOM cover 1993), ‘Shark Heaven’ (Live 1993), ‘Razorblades’ (Live 1993), ‘Day Man Lost’ (CARNAGE cover, Live 1993), ‘Nothing Forever’ (Live 1993), ‘Desertion’ (Demo 1991) and ‘Shark Heaven’ (Demo 1991).

The second album of Hungary’s Black Metallers BORNHOLM will be released world wide on October 26, 2009 through Vic Records. It was produced by leading Hungarian Metal producer Viktor ‘Max’ Scheer (EKTOMORF, SEAR BLISS) and will be available as an exclusive digipak with extensive artwork by Peter Sallai (MEMORY GARDEN, SACRED STEEL, FOREST SILENCE). SEAR BLISS’ trombone player Zoltan Pal performs guest trombone on the album.

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