May 06, 2023

On July 05, 2023 Temple Of Mystery Records will release “Blood Sabbath”, the debut full length from Montreal, Canada based SERPENT CORPSE, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Spell Of The Eternal Serpent’, ‘Electric Eye’, ‘Nemesis’, ‘Let The Rats Feed’, ‘Land Of Rot And Misfortune’, ‘Crucifxion Shrine’, ‘Swallowed Whole By The Abyss’, ‘Dreams Of Crows’ and ‘Blood Sabbath’. You can already check out ‘Nemesis’ at this location. More SERPENT CORPSE you will find at

Italian brutal Death Metallers PUTRIDITY will release a new EP entitled “Greedy Gory Gluttony” on CD, vinyl 7″ and digital formats on July 07, 2023 via Willowtip Records. You can already stream the track ‘Adipocere Retribution’ over here. The band released the following statement concerning the EP: “”Greedy Gory Gluttony” is a perspective on the PUTRIDITY evolution through the years since 2005 till now. We revisited old material paying tribute to inspirational Death Metal roots and the two new songs are an anticipation for our upcoming album “Morbid Ataraxia”.” The EP’s complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Adipocere Retribution’, ‘Sodomize Epileptic Chunks’, ‘Fermented Entrails’, ‘Molten Mirrors Of The Subjugated’ and ‘Ecstasy In Decay’ (CANNIBAL CORPSE cover). For more PUTRIDITY information please visit

Greek Black Metallers DEVISER have just released a video for ‘When The Lights Went Out’ (featuring Efthimis Karadimas of NIGHTFALL) at this location. The song is taken from the band’s latest album “Evil Summons Evil”, which was released via Hammerheart Records earlier this year. You can follow DEVISER at

Minneapolis, Minnesota based Death / Black Metal one man band KOSTNATĚNÍ has just released a new song off its upcoming second full-length album “Úpal”. You can stream ‘Rukojmí Empatie (Hostage Of Empathy)’ over here. The album will be released via Willowtip Records on CD, gatefold vinyl and digital formats on May 26, 2023. Here’s the full tracklist (titles in Czech and English): ‘Řemen (The Belt)’, ‘Hořím Navždy (I Burn Forever)’, ‘Rukojmí Empatie (Hostage Of Empathy)’, ‘Opál (Opal)’, ‘Skrýt Se Před Bohem (Hide From God)’, ‘Nevolnost Je Vše, Čím Jsem (Nausea Is All I Am)’ and ‘Slunce Svázáno S Krvácející Zemí (Sun Bound To The Bleeding Earth)’. The material was written and recorded from October 2020 to October 2021. The vocals were recorded in late 2021, early 2022. The drums were mixed and recorded in the fall of 2022 at The Weeb Dungeon by Andrew Lee. The album was mastered by Jacob Buczarski. For more KOSTNATĚNÍ please visit

Northern Michigan based old school Death Metallers THE GLORIOUS DEAD will release their second full-length “Cemetery Paths” via Bindrune Recordings on July 28, 2023. The follow-up to 2020’s “Into Lifeless Shrines” will feature the following tracks: ‘Semita Cineris’, ‘Horizons Of Ash’, ‘Gag On Viscera’, ‘Purulent Forms’, ‘Daylight Graves’, ‘Cadaver Within’, ‘Malefic Sepsis’, ‘Dragging The Dead’, ‘Living Rot’, ‘Corpse Of The King’, ‘Cemetery Path’ and ‘Semita Pulveris’. The album was recorded in 2022 at AV Studios in Traverse City, Michigan by Andy Vanguilder, mixed by Spenser Morris and mastered by Andrew DeCagna (IRONFLAME / NECHOCHWEN) at Sacred Sound Studios. For all further THE GLORIOUS DEAD information make sure to check out

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