May 17, 2023

Florida Death Metallers HELLWITCH have just released a lyric video for ‘Solipsistic Immortality’ at this location. The song is featured on the band’s upcoming new album “Annihilational Intercention”, which will be released via Listenable Records digitally on June 02, 2023 and on CD, vinyl and cassette tape on June 30, 2023. Band leader Patrick Ranieri commented on it as follows: “‘Solipsistic Immortality’, the opening track on “Annihilational Intercention”, questions the existence of all that our minds don’t see. The chaotic, bombastic, relentless riffing you hear is the war between immediate, known reality and the immediate unseen. Live it!” More HELLWITCH info you will find at

Chile based Doom / Death Metallers SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH are streaming their upcoming debut full length, “However It Still Moves” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on May 19, 2023 via Personal Records. More SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH at

Portuguese extreme symphonic Black Metallers CAEDEOUS have just released a video for ‘Pandemonium’ at this location. The song is featured on the band’s new double CD “Malum Supplicium” which was released via Black Sunset / MDD last month. More about CAEDEOUS at

CULTURA TRES (feat. SEPULTURA’s Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.) have just uploaded a mini documentary in support of their latest album “Camino De Brujos”, which was released on vinyl LP, CD, cassette tape and digital on April 07, 2023 via Universal Music in the US and Bloodblast in the rest of the world. You can watch the video over here. For all further CULTURA TRES information check out

Belarus based Black Metallers PA VESH EN are streaming their fourth album “Martyrs” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on May 19, 2023 via Iron Bonehead Productions. For more information please visit

German Death Metallers TEMPLE OF DREAD will release their fourth full-length “Beyond Acheron” on August 11, 2023 via Testimony Records on various vinyl LP versions, CD and digitally. It was produced by drummer Jörg Uken at his Soundlodge Studio and features cover artwork by Italian artist Paolo Girardi. Marc Grewe (ex – MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE) contributed guest vocals to ‘The Plague’ and Henri Sattler (GOD DETHRONED) a guitar solo to the album’s title track. The band has just premiered a lyric video for the first single ‘The Plague’ over here. Guitarist Markus Bünnemeyer issued the following comments about it: “Our first single ‘The Plague’ starts very groovy but ignites the full charge of old school Death Metal in the chorus at the latest. Our singer Jens is supported by Marc Grewe on vocals. Without his early works TEMPLE OF DREAD would not sound like they do today. Interesting how similar and complementary the two voices are. Lyrically the song deals with The Plague of Athens: An epidemic that destroyed man from within and thereby carried off almost a whole civilization. Parallels to modern pandemics would be coincidental… The lyrics were visualized by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media) with great attention to the details of the incredible artwork by Paolo Girardi!” The full tracklist of “Beyond Acheron” reads as follows: ‘Charon’s Call’, ‘Beyond Acheron’, ‘World Below’, ‘Damnation’, ‘Dance Of Decay’, ‘All-Consuming Fire’, ‘The Plague’, ‘Carnality Device’, ‘Asebeia’ and ‘Hades’. You can follow TEMPLE OF DREAD at

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