Death - Mutation - Disease - Annihilation
(End All Life Productions)

For all vinyl lovers this LP is not a bad thing – limited on 500 pieces, gatefold cover, the bonus-song ‘When The Demons Come’ – cool thing, but what can one expect of the music? Well, ATOMIZER’s second full-length contains Black / Thrash / Rock Metal with that typical raw Australian feeling. They have a more rocking approach to Koala Metal than DESTRÖYER 666 and GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, who are both a bit more blackish and definitely faster than the fellows from ATOMIZER. Honestly spoken I was a little disappointed when I bought this LP and listened to it for the first time, because only the opener ‘Hesitation Wounds’ was a really good, entertaining song. The other ones were simply nothing special and compared to the very strong GOSPEL OF THE HORNS album – “A Call To Arms” – ATOMIZER’s new effort does not have a chance. I’m afraid to say so, especially when I call to mind that I paid for the LP, but “Death Mutation Disease” is a slightly boring album, sorry guys!!! Reduce the Rock, increase speed and aggression and the third album might turn out better than this one. If you like to contact ATOMIZER do it via email: And before I forget it, the CD version was released on good old Drakkar Productions!

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

ATOMIZER - The Only Weapon Of Choice (Stefan Franke)
ATOMIZER - Caustic Music For the Spiritually... (Nathan Shapiro )

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