Recounts Of Disembodiment
(Mighty Music)

Shame on me – this is the first time that I experienced the sheer uncompromising brutality of BEHEADED, Malta’s most intense five-piece. But I certainly won’t forget them from now on anymore as their newest full length “Recounts Of Disembodiment” offers nine tracks of straight into your face, blasting and extremely sinister and brutal Death Metal in the vein of the US masters SUFFOCATION and the likes. No matter if it’s the ultra deep guttural vocals, the crunchy riffing or the fast, yet very tight rhythm section – everything’s of top notch quality here and should easily turn every true Death Metal fan into a BEHEADED addicted straight away! Even the massive sound of this record, which got produced in their exotic home country of Malta, knows to convince and easily lives up to international standards! So, instead of wasting more of your and my time, I prefer to end this review here as I will definitely have to check out their previous two releases (1998’s “Perpetual Mockery” debut CD and 2001’s “Resurgence Of Oblivion” MCD) in order to satisfy my needs for some more head splitting BEHEADED insanity! And you should at least make sure to get yourself a copy of this killer record!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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