Fatal Power Of Death
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

“Brutality” is a term unfortunately too much associated with slamming or technical, overly triggered modern “Death” Metal to still be used as a positively connoted tag in a more old school oriented context, BUT Germany’s genre hopefuls BEYOND are exactly that – brutal yet without sacrificing any of the passion, darkness and class every decent Death Metal maniac demands (or should demand). Just as INCANTATION (and most of their copycats) are indeed very brutal due to a bonecrushing, anti-melodic, doomy vs. grinding approach or AUTOPSY, who are damn brutal by creating an atmosphere of uncontrollable violence, dread and horror, BEYOND achieve it by offering speed a plenty, hateful reverb-soaked vocals – which remind me a bit of REPUGNANT – and references to classic Death Metal acts like MASSACRA, NECROVORE, MORBID ANGEL, MUTILATED and even the almost forgotten staccato drumming of NECROSANCT. Throw in some fist pumping Thrash breaks (‘Whirlwinds’), minimal keys (‘Fatal Power Of Death’), captivating slower sections with eerie leads (‘Definite Decease’), some dissonant quite Black Metallic sections (‘Apperance From Beyond’) and you should realize that there are many ways to reach maximum impact without relying on pig squeals, hip hop habits, or – most importantly – soulless (!!!) music. Death Metal is defined by one word and that’s “death”, usually a rather unpleasant, filthy and very personal affair. BEYOND understand that perfectly and have transformed their own definition of “death” into an absolutely stunning and inventive album which might lack a few more brain frying hooks like in ‘Merciless At Heart’ or monumental 13min closer ‘Consuming Black Void’, but that is an ignorable complain compared to the sonic barbarity with spirit and authenticity in spades they unleash upon us. Overall, BEYOND have taken another gigantic step forward from their latest EP and now can proudly place themselves among the leading newer acts in the genre while we have a new fave record to hail. Must f**king have! Hear it: Order it:

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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