Crucible Of The Infernum
(Hells Headbangers Records)

As I am pretty much new in the realm of describing or judging someone else’s art, I finally reached the point where I have to use words which I normally wouldn’t. Solid, would be one of those. "Crucible Of the Infernum" is a solid little EP! I don’t think BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY lined up to redirect the history of Death Metal. It feels more like Gina and Gene, ex – ANGELCORPSE members and both very good musicians, met that other guy, Alex from ARES KINGDOM who could use his voice pretty descent and knows how to play the bass. And after "Devil’s Mayhem", the debut album from 2008, it’s more or less about time to kick out something new. They did and due to know-how and skills, they did it pretty solid. Death Metal in the tradition of the great old times back in the 1980s. I could start now to throw in a few adjectives like crushing, ripping, furious and so on but that wouldn’t give my review any more depth. If you still can’t get enough of MORBID ANGEL and everything this band has created throughout their existence, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY’s "Crucible Of The Infernum" is just the right choice to keep on tracking. More info:,



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