Swamped In Gore
(Marquee Records)

Originally released back in 1991, this is one of the many promos I once received while doing a fanzine back in those days. By the time this was released we already had CANNIBAL CORPSE around, a band that was compared many times with this five piece from Chicago. Both bands used down tuned guitars and deep low growling vocals, and add to that a similar lyrical approach for the gore subject. This is their debut album presented in a quite complete edition by Brazil’s Marquee Records. The album was originally released by the small Grindcore Records, and 4 years later, after gaining some minor fame, re-edited by Metal Blade. But as with many releases from the past, not because something is well over 20 years or had a hype back then, it is all a good release. I have heard a few times things referring to this album as great. And after all those years I can not find anything remote of it being a great album. The intro of the album is named ‘Borivoj’s Demise’ in a reference to a then Metal journalist that considered the band as a joke. Although I cannot say the band is a joke, as they do play well and have a good production, I cannot find anything memorable from any of the songs included here. Yes, they are brutal, yes the vocals are low, yes it sounds noisy and grind at times; it is brutality for the sake of it. And it can be enjoyable for a while, but certainly for those who want to have something more after the initial listening, well there is nothing there. Not only the vocals became generic very quick, also many of the mid-tempo riffs sound exactly the same from song to song. Included here is also their second demo, which is basically the same style, yet with lower production values. Two of the band members that played here are no longer in this mortal world (vocalist Joe Ptacek and drummer Ruan Stanek). The band got a lot better with later releases like “Omen Of Disease”, so this version is more for those wanting to complete their collection and showcasing the evolution the band has suffered since their more primitive origins.,

Julián “Devourer of Souls” Núñez

Julián “Devourer of Souls” Núñez

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