Inwokacja Pierwotnej Mocy
(The End Of Time Records)

At first I was disappointed and about to pan this EP by CZARNA MAGIA (translated Black Magic) from Poland. Five tracks with an extremely bad sound and dilettantish Black Metal close to ridiculousness. But then I got hooked by this release and played it several times a day. The atmosphere is the key to this release, because it mixes the rude attitude of early VENOM and SODOM with that occult approach of Scandinavian bands in the early nineties. So there may be bands with a better sound, better musicians, better cover artwork and so on. But if you are still a listener (like me) of old demos and releases from EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, SAMAEL and if you adore stuff like the "Satanic Masowhore" EP by IMPALED NAZARENE and if an album like "Never Again" by BELIAL still finds its way to your speakers, then "Inwokacja Pierwotnej Mocy" waits for you. The EP is released as digital download but also in CD format. All 5 songs are available for streaming here:, label contact:

Mirco Szymyslik

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