Circles Of Failure
(Punishing Records)

DARKRISE from Switzerland look back on a band history of more than two decades and return with their already sixth album now. Two years after the predecessor, "Circle Of Failure" starts with the wrecking ball ‘Liar Liar‘ and immediately mighty NECROPHAGIST come into my mind. This is not meant in any negative way as DARKRISE write pretty solid and technical material. They have a very technical and melodic approach but always return to their brutal theme. Somewhere between NECROPHAGIST, DEATH, DEICIDE, GOD DETHRONED and SUFFOCATION the guys from Switzerland found their own style. Their overall performance is very good with damn brutal grunts, really good and brutal drumming, sharp and precise riffing and pretty good audible bass-lines, what I really adore in music. Especially when they get more technical and melodic, they really show their musical skills and have a good sense for melodies which sometimes are sounding even warm before they get brutal again and punch the listener’s face. The production is clear and powerful, well produced and properly balanced. The changes in speed and the often used breaks are not too hard to digest so "Circle Of Failure“ is a really diverting trip into the world of brutal Death Metal. Rounded off by a good cover artwork and the mentioned fine production, fans of this style can not do any wrong by checking their new album out. More info can be found here: www.facebook.com/darkriseband, www.punishingrecords.com

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

DARKRISE - Fear, Hate & Corruption (Julián "Fire" Núñez)
DARKRISE - Realeyes (Luxi Lahtinen)

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