Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge
(Nihilistic Holocaust Records)

As every die-hard maniac knows, Perú is one of the most prolific countries in terms of bestial yet primitive Metal, impregnated by a strong attitude and a raw sound on their bands as a reflection against the moral and religious establishment. This sentence is confirmed by bands that transcended latitudes as MORTEM, ANAL VOMIT, HADEZ, GOAT SEMEN amongst others that carried the South American flag despite the cruel reality that they used to be immersed. Said that, DEATH INVOKER spawned in 2005, but belongs to a new generation which took those roots and made spears with them. So nowadays (at least down here) it’s common now to hear about them in hordes as EVIL PRIEST, EVIL SPECTRUM, PROFANER, EVOKED CURSE, COBRA, etc. Returning to the main focus here, DEATH INVOKER presents this tape reissued EP, which was released originally on 7″ vinyl on 2018, but this time containing an unreleased and excluded song. Dismembering this demonstration of South American Metal, “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge” is made of 3 stabs plus an intro through short 15 minutes of pure intensity and malevolence. ‘Magnificent Invocation’ open the gates with some haunting voices and a simple keyboard introduction giving way to ‘Divination Through Death Spirits’, the unreleased song, which is all about raw Black / Thrash Metal enrooted on ancient banners as SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA, MUTILATOR, VULCANO and the aforementioned bands too. ‘Witches Hammer’ stands out above the rest of the songs, turning out to be one hell of a memorable song, with a strong chorus which demands some raised fists and real violence at gigs. Despite the lack of innovation, DEATH INVOKER’s fundamentalistic fiends know what they are doing, full conviction through obscure Metal is perceived here. By the hand of Nihilistic Holocaust Records from France, this tape takes no shit on subtleties with a front cover charged on hate and graphics which bring thoughts about some actual SABBAT (JAP) reissues. For those who are looking a short but intense release as a teaser of how alive the Peruvian scene is, you’re in for a treat then. All further information you will find at:,

Sebastián Salce

Sebastián Salce

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