Darkness Needs Us
(New Aeon Media)

Well, it seems like there have to be more than a few invited guests to make a descent album. No matter the addition of such humans as Attlia Csihar, RMS Hreimdarr or Morfeus, the music remains the same. This is simply boring Black Metal, trying to be symphonic or something. In the end this is Black Metal done the amateurish way, because they haven’t figured the importance of writing good songs that grab hold of your attention. Finnugor writes fast tracks that leads to nowhere, ending up being fast and that’s it. Or we can hear some atmospheric nonsense, like ‘Wings Of Kryy’, which is more like a child-song with overdramatic vocals. I’m sorry Finnugor, but you have to improve a lot in order to impress. After all, you must have in mind that Limbonic Art and Aborym have done this style with such a high quality that it’s almost impossible to beat them. When the sound on “Darkness Needs Us” is too cheap the result is that the listener doesn’t pay any attention to the music, which is, as said, amateurish. No, I’m not saying I could do better myself but I can say that Black Metal done the symphonic way has been done waaaaaay better before. Strange thing that the booklet in itself is this well crafted.

Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen

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