Balder's Lament
(Stygian Crypt Productions)

The collective of FOLKEARTH is quite productive, as this is their 14th album in 10 years. That’s quite impressive, though as the band is a collective with collaborators over most of the world, which counted 32 when it peaked and around 17 now I think. There are some to write new songs and come up with fresh ideas all the time. I think I had a listen to the first couple of albums from the band when they emerged, and remember them as quite generic Pagan Metal without too much going on, and now here many years later, their newest release landed on my desk. We are still getting a solid Pagan Heavy Metal attack of all that belongs, epic riffing, grandiose songstructures, diverse vocal elements from both male and female vocalists, choirs and violins and accordians. The songwriting is quite diverse and strong, and there are some interesting moments during the 40 minutes the album lasts. Though it is still music build upon good old virtues within the genre, I would be in doubt if I were listening blind to this and had to guess the artist, as it could have been MITHOTYN or THYRFING in their early days. Not the worst Pagan Metal I’ve been spending time with, a quite strong effort for fans of the genre and a bit run off the mill for the rest of us. Follow the burning arrow:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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