Father Of Victory
(Stygian Crypt Productions)

If somebody still needs a proof that Metal has no limits and can overcome all geographic boundaries here is the perfect example. FOLKEARTH are consisting of 20 musicians from all over the world and with “Father Of Victory” they present their fourth album. The band wasn’t completely unknown to me (thanks to the last Metal Message sampler) but I couldn’t expect such a great release from them. When 20 individuals are trying to realise their musical dream of Pagan Metal the risk is definitely there that you can’t focus on your basic ideas but all members had used the opportunity well and added also something unique to their style. Next to the wellknown elements of Pagan Metal which currently can be found on nearly every Pagan Metal record, FOLKEARTH also invited some real folklore into their music and so you jump from Scotland to East Europe talking about their musical influences. But the band is insisting that a Metal heart needs Metal blood to run at full power so the music is still aggressive and the band is never losing track of their vision. Even after listening to “Father Of Victory” nearly 2 weeks I can’t get enough of it, the album has so many facets which are worth to explore. Definitely a highlight of the Metal year 2008.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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