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And the quest goes on – the wellknown FOLKEARTH had been very productive within the last months and their sixth release “Fatherland” is the third full release during only one year. I was not completely sure if the multi national band could bring their battle ship back on track after the disappointing acoustic album “Songs Of Yore” but all these concerns had been completely in vain. “Fatherland” is (again) a great release – and much more important it’s a great Metal album full of various Folklore influences. The band had become relatively small with only 11 members from only 7 different countries (during 2004 FOLKEARTH could nearly start an invasion with over thirty full members) but the major trademarks are still there. “Fatherland” is maybe a little more influenced by medieval Folklore than the previous releases but the band has found the perfect middle way between the Metal songs and the Folklore visits to ancient times. Especially songs like ‘Guardian Of The Bridge’ or ‘Terror From The Sea’ are offering perfect Pagan Metal with great melodies and I hope that Stygian Crypt can push their promotion machinery to the limit – the FOLKEARTH crew and especially their best release so far deserves a little more attention by the international underground.,,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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