Rulers Of The Sea
(Stygian Crypt Productions)

FOLKEARTH are on an endless quest and even if the multi national project has been founded only six years ago is “Rulers Of The Sea” already their seventh full release. But the battle rages on, the sword remains sharp and the 12 band members are still hungry enough to offer the next 50 minutes of pure Pagan steel. Compared to their latest release “Fatherland” there are again more parallels than changes within the FOLKEARTH sound. The amount of musicians has been reduced from release to release – during their peak season the band consisted of 32 people shattered all around the world – but in some way the band has finally found their musical niche right between the almighty MITHOTYN and the more modern Pagan Metal descendants. The band is presenting their best material so far especially when all band members are combining their wide range of influences and songs like ‘The Doomed Crusade’ or the ‘Apollonian Light’ are offering an extreme diversity – a factor which was in some way the weak spot of their former releases. What becomes obvious is the intensive work of this band to find the perfect balance between the Metal parts on one and the Pagan instruments on the other side. For about three years I’m regularely enjoying a new FOLKEARTH output and “Rulers Of The Sea” (the album comes again with a fantastic cover artwork by Kris Verwimp) is without doubt the perfect musical choice for all Pagan warriors for the coming summer battle season. For more info check:,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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