Songs Of Yore
(Stygian Crypt Productions)

And here they are again, the multinational Pagan Metal band FOLKEARTH. After their ‘highly’ acclaimed last release “Father Of Victory” they are now concentrating on the pure essence of their songs and recorded some of their songs in acoustic versions. What bands like BORKNAGAR had been cultivation over the years is for sure also an option for this band which is consisting of more than a dozen members from all over the world. I’m maybe the biggest Folklore supporter within the Voices crew and even if some of the presented songs on “Songs Of Yore” had been taken from their last release (which was one of the better releases during 2008) it seem in some way incomplete. What exactly is missing is hard to tell but for a pure acoustic release not all songs can offer this essential fever / passion and very often it seems that the band just re-recorded them without finally preparing the songs for the new setup. FOLKEARTH are still a very interesting project but for “Songs Of Yore” they choose the easiest way and I doubt that this release will find many followers within the Metal scene.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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