(Symbol Of Domination Productions / Satanath Records)

Finding out that the main member of the band comes from Iran (but now located in Norway) and that this EP is preceded by 3 full length albums is quite something. Well, this is actually Black Metal with a raw production, maybe some BURZUM and BATHORY sounds can be found here and there, probably the slower sections have a touch of MAYHEM, but that is it. The novelty of knowing the origins of the band stays there as simply I cannot find anything else. Do not get me wrong, this is well played, the drums could have a better sound, basically it is a decent recording, but I have heard things quite similar and done with more creativity to speak in a way. I think that better production values will certainly help this recording more. The vocals are also maybe a bit unidimensional, as when some spoken words are done or the tone is changed, a big difference is noticed. But, the fact is that the music has that special "incantation" that I went to listen to the previous full-length "Temple Of Daevas" which has a lot better production, and sounds more like early DARK FUNERAL with a good Thrash influence. I am sure fans of 90s Black Metal need to give this a try but maybe first look for their other material, which I liked more than this 2 song + outro recording. More information at:,,

Julián “Blackhearts” Núñez

Julián "Blackhearts" Núñez

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