Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations
(Morbid Chapel Records)

Formed in 2015 (after disbanding the more atmospheric Black Metal band SOLUS) and with just one band member that takes care of all instruments, this debut album is without a doubt one of the best albums I have heard from a one man band. To start with, their music style is a brutish mix of a bit of dissonant Black Metal and violent and morbid Death Metal. For the uninitiated it might at times sound like some of those generic War Metal bands, but no, there is a lot more depth in here. Think along the lines of ARCHGOAT with a heavy dose of INCANTATION and GRAVE, and some subtle yet noticeable doses of technical playing, where the band is not afraid of using melody and some more controlled riffs, to then unleash chaos and death. The vocals are more in the Death Metal low spectrum style, yet they fit the music. And the guitar tone is so damn heavy, with a fat emphasis on a bass-like aura, which very few bands are able to conjure in the right way. There are also references to evil Thrash and Speed Metal, and the fact the band is at times able to summon a sort of atmospheric aura without the use of keyboards yet imitating the effect to great results is just like a morbid fascination. Worth a mention is also to the production of this record, cavernous as it is, it is also clear and powerful to enchance the brutal maelstrom the band is capable to poison the world. Mostly keeping a fast pace, there are enough riffs and tempo changes to keep the unsuspecting victim entertained until their heads are chopped. The guitar tone in here is just so damn evil and rotten, that is just that kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime. Every time I listen to this I find many layers in their music, with a definitely impressive execution on all fronts. This might end to be one of those albums that will be revered in the future, so now it’s the time to find this killer release. www.facebook.com/hamvak, www.facebook.com/morbidchapelrecords

Julián “The Glorious Return Of Death” Nuñez

Julián "The Glorious Return Of Death" Nuñez

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