Dissonant Perspectives

For a self-financed MCD Italian’s melodic Deathers ILLOGICIST’s second strike “Dissonant Perspectives” is a very professional release: production, artwork and musical finesse are all of equal high quality and it is quite surprising that ILLOGICIST have not found a suitable label yet. The talented four-piece mixes influences from technical Death Metal à la DEATH, ATHEIST with the aggressive yet melodic feeling of modern Swedish melodic Death. I am not a big fan of stuff like that, but ILLOGICIST should appeal to anyone who is interested in bands like DARK TRANQUILITY or old IN FLAMES. Although this genre almost bursts with young imitators of melodic Death forefathers, I can recommend ILLOGICIST as hopeful newcomers because of their US progressive Death influences that add a slight individual note. To buy “Dissonant Perspectives” send 5 Euros / Dollars to the following address: Luca Minieri, Via A.Berthet. 8, 11100 Aosta, Italy. You can also check out their great website that features MP3’s and other stuff. To contact the band via email use the following addresses or

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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