Morbid Spawn Of Resurrection
(Psycho Records)

The origin of Costa Rica’s INSEPULTO dates back to what we locally call the "golden era" of the Costa Rica extreme Metal scene. At the time, there was a tiny but solid uprising of the most outrageous and savage acts like COLEMESIS, PAGANUS DOCTRINA, PSEUDOSTRATIFFIED EPITHELIUM, PSY-WAR, MASSACRE, SENTENCE, PROFANVM and some others that were forging a reputation in-out our frontiers. The INSEPULTO project was originally conceived as a conjunction of members of some of the previously mentioned local bands, back in the early 90s. They all shared the same passion for the real essence of the old school Death Metal. However, due to volatile personalities and different roadblocks, the band did not continue as it was intended at the time. Fast forward 2008, including two of the original members, the zombie INSEPULTO was unearthed and reanimated from its 17 years suspended animation. The band is currently a trio with A.P (drums / guitars; also in ASHEN SKY; ex – PAGANUS DOCTRINA, ex – COLEMESIS, ex – PSEUDOSTRATIFFIED EPITHELIUM), Ronald "The Master Butcher" (vocals; also in MUMMIFIED, ex – PSEUDOSTRATIFFIED EPITHELIUM and ex – FROM OBLIVION and one of the best extreme Metal vocalists our scene has to offer) and U.Xerxes.H (bass; also in PAGANUS DOCTRINA, editor of CALL TO THE INFERNAL HORDES ZINE). With this line up the band recorded in 2010 their initial demo tape entitled "The Posthumous Trinity" (unfortunately limited to a handful of copies). This tape undeniably triggered the bloodshed and the band started receiving encouragement due to the positive reviews by the most prominent underground extreme Metal media. Fast forward 2012 (again?), the band finally completed the abortion of their debut album "Morbid Spawn Of Resurrection". All I can say, is that you are going to be beaten up mercilessly with 9 shotgun-like traditional Death Metal anthems that will make you lift your big fat ass of the chair and behold absolute sonic destruction coming out of your speakers. If you still don’t get the idea (helloooo idiot!), there will be no mistake when you pinpoint influences like early BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, MASSACRE / DEATH, OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL and NAPALM DEATH. This band is determined to stop, once and for all, the already tired idea that you need to sound as the next NIHILIST / ENTOMBED / DISMEMBER clone to make yourself a name in the worldwide scene. Their sick groove will permeate your ears as well as your senses, if you have been brave enough to live through the end of the disk. If you don’t like this, well, you might have not realized that your favorite band, deep inside your most wild dreams, have always been the NIGHTWISH queers and INSEPULTO have made you understand that REAL DEATH METAL ain’t for wimps. Get their album here: or directly from the band at

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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