End Of All
(Sevared Records)

Hell yes, the sickness from Sweden’s Death Metal beasts INSISION has returned with a 6 track EP (well 5 full tracks and an intro) that runs over 20 minutes. If you have not checked these guys out then let me give you a quick history lesson. This brutal band started out in 1997 and have since released: 3 full length albums, 2 EPs, 2 split albums, and several demos. The band has been on several labels but it looks like they have found a secure home with Sevared Records for today’s EP "End Of All". We kick things off with a quick intro and then get slammed face first into ‘Expire’ the longest track on this EP. The track has sweet guitar solos that give it a melodic feel but also have the shredding guitar work that makes it vile. The band has every ingredient needed for brutal Death Metal: fast drums, insane gut busting guitars, sick vocals, and an excellent bass undertone to give it a good backbone. ‘Expire’ ends by bridging over to track 3 ‘Curvature’, another intense track with the right amount of raw brutality. The track starts with a mid tempo and then starts blasting about a minute into the track. Excellent solo again in this track and vocals that give it a bit of a BROKEN HOPE feel. ‘Descend’ starts out with chugging guitars and a slower tempo before it quickly moves up to midtempo. Just an overall back to basics Death Metal track that I really enjoyed. ‘Beckoning’ is where you can check out the bass player gets a moment for a small solo. Aside from that the track follows the same formula that make up ‘Expire’ and ‘Curvature’. The final track on this EP is ‘Ex Oblivion’, the ferociousness continues here with the vocals really spewing forth a sick batch of plague. The track finishes up on a good note and leaves the listener spellbound. Overall this EP is short and sweet with enough to leave you wanting for more. My thoughts are that if this EP is a brief glimpse of what is to come then we are in for a treat once the full length comes out. Fans of DISGORGE (USA), DEEDS OF FLESH, and old SUFFOCATION should check this out especially the "Ikon" and "Beneath The Folds Of Flesh" albums to get a good background. For more info:,,

Jaime Pérez

Jaime Pérez

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