Foretold Monuments Of Flesh
(Testimony Records)

Although it happened almost countless times before and will happen again and again, I am still surprised about nowadays newcomers. Bands without any studio or live experiences are debuting with excellent releases. This time it is the German / Bangladesh duo KHNVM. One member originally comes from Bangladesh, while the other member’s provenance is Poland, but both moved to Magdeburg, Germany, in the meantime. The band’s name is pronounced as khoo-num and the deeper meaning remains unknown to me. But what I know is the excellent quality of the sevens songs. Right from the start no prisoners are taken, at full throttle KHNVM are blasting their way through the playing-time. Which is, by the way, a bit short. Too long for an EP, too short for a full-length. On a side note the album is released on limited silver and black vinyl, CD (also as limited digipak) plus the usual digital download. Officially "Foretold Monuments Of Flesh" is labeled as an album, and I can cope well with that fact. In case you do not agree no problem, but you are missing a fine piece of Death Metal art. As mentioned the pace is high speed, with just very short slower moments. The guitar work is more technical than plain and simple. HATE ETERNAL or last year’s Top Ten readers poll band TOMB MOLD should give you a hint of what to expect, namely Death Metal on the highest technical standard. So there are only two things which I personally not totally happy with. First the vocals, which are one-dimensional, only deep grunted all the way. A bit more variation would improve the songs. Same goes for the guitar work, especially the riffs are lacking of memorability. But that is just my personal taste and does not affect the overall impact the album left on me. Top notch technical and brutal Death Metal! For more information please visit,

Mirco Szymyslik

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