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Two new tracks by the mighty KRYPTS from Finland. This time the sound might be a bit "cleaner" than on the vinyl 12", but it is by no means a sign of weakening. These lads still manage to come up with high standard Death Metal the obscure and crawling way. Even though it has links to the typical Finnish and Swedish Death Metal sound, I sense a good dose of AUTOPSY worship in these tunes. Really it is quite close to the feeling of HOODED MENACE, yet a bit more melodic. One of the few bands of the New Wave Of Old School Death Metal coming from the North that actually has something solid enough for my unmerciful tastes, haha! ‘Descending Of Tormenting Darkness’ is a slow and muddy fucker that quickly turns you addicted, thanks to haunting guitar lines and heavy dead beats. Whereas ‘Putrefied Into Nothingness’ has some very mesmerizing riffs for a faster side of the band. These deathsters have the magic in their tunes. Highly recommended!,

Nathaniel Colas

Nathaniel Colas

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