Remnants Of Expansion
(Dark Descent Records)

Finally I got to hear the latest output by one of my favorite new Death Metal acts. “Unending Degradation” was one hell of a record that delivered brutality, insanity as well as catchiness. “Remnants Of Expansion” already suggests with its cover artwork that things seem to have gone through a slight change – which KRYPTS will confirm to each listener who spends time listening to the record. The songs are kept way more atmospheric and doom laden this time. One could even call the new material esoteric if you consider yourself to be a part of nowadays “thinking mans” Death Metal wave. The songwriting is still very dynamic and heavy but the youthfulness and juvenile brutality almost got lost completely. To review this album it’s not even necessary to discuss each song individually since the record feels as if all 5 songs come together as one. KRYPTS crawl through aeons of madness and thick black slime while only rarely reaching out into higher spheres. Some people might call this boring, others highly artistic. Whatever it really is, is up to you. I personally can’t make a decision even after several spins. Get your information here:,

Marco Stebich

Marco Stebich

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