Towards Divine Death
(Dark Descent Records)

Holy hell! 9 songs and over 70 minutes long is the new, sophomore album by Finnish deathers LIE IN RUINS whose debut “Swallowed By The Void” (2009) quickly corrupted many souls with its powerful blend of their home country’s typical gloom and AUTOPSY-like wickedness and morbidity. On “Towards Divine Death” the musical direction has not just been expanded in terms of length, but also regarding the overall tempo and atmosphere. “Towards Divine Death” is generally faster, darker and by increasing the overall intensity and seriousness evolved significantly from an ordinary worship of 90s idols. Still describing it as INCANTATION copulating with Finnish ABHORRENCE on the way to the deepest bowels of hell is a pretty fitting description, too. While the stylistic differences certainly work in favor of the impenetrable, sinister mood and just like e.g. ALCHEMYST make the band sound way more confident and individual, there is also a downside: Memorable songs such as ‘Charred Walls’ are a bit rare and especially due to its excessive playing time Roni Sahari’s possessed yet somewhat one-dimensional growls and shouts get a bit tiresome. In terms of production the rawness and organic feel you would prefer on a LIE IN RUINS record are definitely both firmly in place and give “Towards Divine Death” a truly strong and timeless sound yet the timeless songs are a bit hard to find. It’s good, certainly grows with every spin but I had honestly expected more. Check out the song ‘Charred Walls’ here. More information at:,,

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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