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Although this is divided in 5 sections, this new EP of these Finnish Death Metal warriors is basically just one song. And for that, this is still one great song. The band keeps getting better and better, many of their members are also active in other great Death and Black Metal bands like CORPSSESSED or SARGEIST, and that shows in the delivery and execution. Their sound has always been more connected to the early bands from the nordic scene, from DEMIGOD, GOD MACABRE or early DARKTHRONE but also with a big reverence to bands as POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST and very early KREATOR. And also, more than once the riffs recall the mighty BOLT THROWER. The production is also perfect for the style. The music style is also quite varied, mainly in the upper tempo with some slower moments. With some of their previous works I needed a few listening to get into their style, and it seems it is a normal thing with a band that although having a defined style, has a way of composing songs that makes it a challenge to the listener, but also has a reward for those that endure to pass through the initial listening. And I feel that with this EP the band is getting more and more into their very own style and maybe a bit more direct with their riffs. At the end this is a great piece of dark Death Metal. More info at:,

Julián “Demise” Núñez

Julián "Demise" Núñez

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