Misanthropic Breed
(Metal Blade Records)

I guess LIK needs no further introduction here at Voices. They just have unleashed their third beast in form of “Misanthropic Breed”. The opener ‘The Weird’ starts with some horror samples before kicking some serious a$$ with fast uptempo Death Metal. Once again the guys worship the good old early 90s school from Stockholm and they simply deliver. The hook immediately reminds of mighty DISMEMBER but on the same high level DISMEMBER delivered back in the days. ‘Decay’ continues on the left hand path and starts with this perfect melody, so after 10 seconds all is said and once again this track easily could have fitted on classic albums like “Massive Killing Capacity” or “Death Metal”. The melodies are so damn perfect here and the solo is even better and the twin guitars are their little homage to IRON MAIDEN before DISMEMBER returns to the scene. Sorry to say that. They don’t simply copy at all. I guess DISMEMBER need to listen to “Misanthropic Breed” to get the benchmark for a possible new album of them in future. After keeping ‘Decay’ on heavy rotation ‘Funeral Anthem’ is another killer tune with a groovy vibe in the vein of mighty GRAVE but with far more melody than GRAVE used to incorporate. ‘Female Fatal To The Flesh’ as title is of course a homage to MORBID ANGEL while the track itself is classic old school Death Metal again. Worth to mention for all of tracks are the really good vocals, which perfectly fit into the songs. Also the drumming is perfect and very precise. The interlude ‘Misanthropic Breed’ slows down the pace a little bite before ‘Flesh Frenzy’ caused me goose bumps with its classic melody. LIK perfectly manages to incorporate everything what made me love this kind of Death Metal so much into one album. Yes, it is a best of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and GRAVE but even their role models have not managed this level of perfection. I could go on mentioning all single tracks but I keep it short: here you have the best Death Metal album of the year. By the way, did I mention how good ‘Morbid Fascination’ is? Damn this bass-line and the John Carpenter hommage at the end… For more information, please check one of the following sources:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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