(Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions)
Thomas Meyer

The French one-man-project BLURR THROWER already blew up some dust in the past on these pages, yet this awkward name is history. Mastermind Guillaume Galaup might have recognised that the name is somehow misleading and changed to LIMBES. As I haven’t heard the two releases by BLURR THROWER yet, I will fully concentrate on the first release under the LIMBES moniker. “Ecluse” is quite a remarkable album when it gets some time to really unfold. It features just four long songs, none under seven minutes running time. The first thing that really caught my attention is the combination of raging guitars that often just slightly vary over the song and a really dark and desolate atmosphere that is without equal. Monotony is used here to create this desolation, yet we find some calm breaks as catharsis. Somehow the early releases from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM come to mind here, as well as WEAKLING and PARAMNESIA. But the performance is really raw and unpolished, guided by a production that is quite lo-fi. This seeming contrast of more elaborate music and an austere sound just adds up to the atmosphere described. With “Ecluse”, LIMBES have created a fine album that surely will find its listeners. For more info please visit or

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