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Despite the fact that LOWBROW still doesn’t sound anything killer – they’re still one of the best bands among the billion bands around in the Death Metal genre – the band features no less than three ex-NASTY SAVAGE members these days (Meyer, Bateman and Beeson), the line up being completed by Allan West (ex-XECUTIONER, OBITUARY and SIX FEET UNDER) and Richard Hornberger. Most of the material presented here sounds like OBITUARY period “The End Complete”, in other words: slow / mid paced heavy but boring. At times they show some promises like on ‘Trophy’, a ultra heavy yet catchy number (check out the cool lead dual by misters West and Meyer). West is responsible for most of the songwriting here but I know he can offer more than this considering what he did with very early OBITUARY, all he has to do is wake up and remember the mid 80s! Also their music would be much more enjoyable and diverse if they had a singer in the shape of Tardy, Vincent or Schuldiner and not just another growler. It’s interesting to note that Donald Tardy have produced the record (excellent sound) and John Tardy is responsible for some band shots, the NASTY SAVAGE / OBITUARY legacy definitively lives strongly here! Contact: lowbrow_metal@yahoo.com

Laurent Ramadier

Laurent Ramadier

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