Black Legion
(BlackSeed Productions)

MANIAC is that sort of band you need to witness in a small, fully packed venue. Airless. Sweat dripping of the ceiling. Huge pupils, small beer prizes. Alternatively on a Sunday noon in a backyard at Leipzig Stockartstrasse. Already covered in foreign beverages. Fighting waves of fiends trying to drag you into a serious drug problem. While conjuring the final collapse in a ocean of greasy hair. That might be the right perspective on this Spanish Death squad. This time no white ballet from Madrid instead a “Black Legion” of fast Thrash Metal and a large dose of black grime. Utterly tight played riff blasts in the tradition of good old Spanish Crust Punk. Which has a liking for more Rock’n’Roll styled chords and solos. MOTÖRHEAD meets COP ON FIRE meets WITCHAVEN. Basically “Black Legion” is a simple full speed Thrash jolt. Catchy from the beginning till the end. Special bonus on the 2013 released CD are the four live tracks at the end. Which highlighting the key issue about MANIAC. My favourites on this EP are definitely ‘Corrupted Moon’ and ‘Warfare’. I recommend you to get the EP, afterwards invite them to your next party and watch the venue collapse. Enjoy! For all further information check out:,



MANIAC - Vermin Hell (Thomas Meyer)

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