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Old school Black Metal is always a pretty ‘hell-come’ thing when you want to hear something truly primitive, dark and stripped down – packed with full of sort of primal aggression and shit, that let your slumbering beast loose in the form of music. The Swedish trio in MONSTRAAT keeps it as real as possible for themselves, playing the most primitive kind of Black Metal that is probably mostly out of fashion in today’s world when every Black Metal band somehow seems to ‘evolve’, and start sucking some pompous and symphonic elements into their stuff that they do. Not MONSTRAAT though. MONSTRAAT play the kind of primitive sounding Black Metal that emulates a bit of the times when BATHORY released their first couple of albums – and when DARKTHRONE found its own punky ‘Black’n’Roll’ gear on some of their albums – and when AURA NOIR realized that a combination of both Black and Thrash genres, is a pretty unique recipe for conquering the world of underground for good. Well, at least you got a picture, didn’t you? This is kinda refreshing to listen to actually – free of all current ‘hot’ trends, and offering a vile load of blackened and hateful aggression through the 10 songs that they have included for this opus. Oh yeah, and this is also a limited run of 666 copies (both CD and vinyl), so act fast if you wanna have a grim taste of MONSTRAAT’s pitch-black darkness and coldness. MONSTRAAT’s nest you will find here:, label:

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

MONSTRAAT - Scythe & Sceptre (Ricardo Campos)
MONSTRAAT - The One Eternal (Thomas Meyer)

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