Death Suits You
(Agonia Records)

Formed by former TREBLINKA / TIAMAT members, one could expect mystic old styled Black Metal due to the background of the aforementioned band. But instead MR. DEATH with such a silly name delivers a powerful breed of ancient Death Metal that owes their sound to that one of early GRAVE, UNLEASHED and DISMEMBER. Crunchy Swedish Metal, with obvious melody yet still with very heavy low down-tuned fat guitars and growled tortured vocals. That was exactly what their debut album was all about and this 6 song EP is exactly in the same vein. For what it is, I feel this EP a bit more interesting than their debut album, yet still there is something that makes this band not to be of a premier league. Yes, it possesses a recording quality that fits their music right on spot, yes they are quite very competent in playing their instruments, and yes they do have sounds reminiscent to AUTOPSY and to a lesser extent REPULSION… and yet this comes out as just above average. There are some good necrotic riffs here and there, yes they do invoke images of zombified horror, yet it sounds like something already heard. Due to their background I was actually expecting a lot more and that was a mistake from my side. On this day, if you want to release something in the horror Death Metal armies, just remember that there are things like “Severed Survival” and “Into The Grave” out there that you will be measured to, and then again, this one fails short from those. But on the other hand this still has hope and they do have some interesting riffs that will make some Zombie-Metallers to bang their head… with the risk of that head to fall off due to the rot consuming the body.,

Julián “Mr. Autopsy” Núñez

Julián "Mr. Autopsy" Núñez

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