Necroblasphemic Rites / Crypt
(Morbid Chapel Records / Rotten Tomb Records)

Although the name of the band might mislead to think that this is some sort of War / Barbaric Death / Black Metal with a Moyer cover art and a Szpajdel logo, that’s not exactly the thing in here for this German band. The cover art might give you hints that this is an old skull Death Metal band, and this is actually a compilation of their demos, which have a good sound and execution, quite above what a regular demo sounds. The main influence seems to be a mixture between OBITUARY, old CANNIBAL CORPSE and some INCANTATION. The band keeps playing very heavy and mostly mid-tempo, although there are bursts of speed here and there. The vocals are very much into the cavernous type, with little variation. A thing to notice is the very heavy use of the bass, which emphasizes the cavernous sound of the band. Interesting is that their first demo, starting at the song ‘Hate’, sounds bit more interesting, and the vocals are done a bit different, yet I feel they play faster. It is quite evident that these are no newcomers, interesting that the guitar player is also playing with Polish GRAVELAND. While there is nothing that haven’t been heard before, fans of the ’90s Death Metal from the North of the USA cannot go wrong giving this a listen.,

Julián “No Innocence” Núñez

Julián "No Innocence" Núñez

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