Supreme Occult One... The Underground Abhorrence
(Blood Harvest Records)

Man, I can not tell how much I love these tiny little pieces of vinyl! OK, I have to admit that they are pretty expensive compared to a regular long player and if you are used to listen to CDs it’s pretty uncomfortable to listen to a release where you have to go to the stereo approximately each 7 minutes. But do I care about it? Does Blood Harvest Records, who are responsible for this as well as the other great ones from CORRUPT or TRIBULATION (see reviews somewhere else on these pages), care about it? No! Why should I? Why should they? If you are a "fast-food"-listener I have one recommendation: stay miles away from releases like this! But if you are a true fan of the underground support labels like Blood Harvest Records with buying their stuff. They need your support. This time it is brutal Death Metal which this Mexican act called NECROCCULTUS offers us on this seven inch. Blasting Death Metal, mostly ultrafast, with awesome shredding guitars and vocals which come from the deepest pits of hell. For this release they got the former guitarist of SHUB-NIGGURATH as a session-bass player. Well, the sound of this recording is just fantastic, the musicianship simply awesome and the 2 songs + intro (which is nothing else than a short third song) are full of potential and professionalism. I can’t find anything negative here so I simply have to write what I wrote about each Blood Harvest release so far: buy it immediately as it’s again strictly limited to 500 pieces. Check out or for details.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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