Lucifer Master
(Embrace My Funeral Records)

Although this is a re-issue of the OBEISANCE record from 2002, it is nonetheless essential for the Thrash crowd who think this latest resurgence is mostly full of pussies. The core member, Martin Von Fah Q (vocals and present-day bass), enlisted an impressive backing band here to help flesh out “Lucifer Master” – none other than Daniel, Julio and Antonio from THE CHASM. The result is a fierce and heavy blend of SARCOFAGO – like blasting and segments of grimy, coke-nose Thrash Metal. OBEISANCE may strike you as simplistic at first, but their blunt and VON – ish repetition will beat you over the head until you can’t help but become positively agitated. Among the best of their albums, “Lucifer Master” will have you humming staples of the OBEISANCE set, like ‘Hellbent For Slaughter’, ‘The Hound’ and the absolutely furious ‘Rape Of Nanking’. Dirty-denim, bloodshot Black Thrash!!! www.myspace.com/obeisance, www.myspace.com/emfrecords

Dick Osmond

Dick Osmond

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