Satanik Fuck
(Morbid Moon Records)

At a first glance this release turned out to be a slightly more rewarding experience compared to their recent recordings that shows the band desperately looking for notoriety without backing that up with at least decent music. As mentioned somewhere in this site, their biggest flaw is not being able to get hooked up with a skilled drummer that I’m sure would push their simplistic approach into a more interesting level. They need someone to play around slow to mid tempos with some more interesting rolls here and there. There is no doubt the guy behind this recordings can play fast with some degree of success but it gets boring and dull after few songs. This being their fourth “compilation” in their discography includes tracks from their two 7″EPs (“Satanik Shoktroops Auf Doom” EP + “F.U.C.K.” EP), along with several old tracks re-recorded exclusively for this release and one new, unreleased track. This makes me wonder how much their fans will have to wait for a new full-length instead of another bunch of songs previously released in different formats or versions. Get this CD here: www.morbidmoonrecords.com. All further info you’ll find here www.myspace.com/obeisance.

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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