Sorry for stating the obvious again but the German Pagan Metal scene has lost their true underground touch years ago and the booming market of hardly achieved musical progress and success is furthermore the starting point for the beginning of the end. But an act like OBSCURITY – with 14 years of underground dedication – must be seen in a completely different light. The band is presenting on “Tenkterra” – already their fifth release – a very traditional (German) Pagan Metal far away from every medieval market means without any kind of flutes or other ‘authentic’ instruments. The presented ten tracks are definitely the perfect tunes for the next summer open airs with a lot of energy and headbanging potential. But after listening to the complete album the positive impression is fading into very thin air. Major reason is that all tracks are following the same scheme. Nearly all songs offer a strong German chorus on a very high aggression level but the slightest variation is simple not existing. Don’t take me wrong because some of the material is – seeing each track separately – quite enjoyable but I can’t get rid of the feeling that I listen to this track several times. The balance is missing here and the battle seems to be lost before it has started. For further info please check www.myspace.com/obscuritybergischland, www.trollzorn.de

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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