Wreaking Fear And Death
(Mandarangan Recordings)

Wow, are these the Philippines’ NUNSLAUGHTER? While not longer around than since 2003 this four-piece has already a discography counting some 20+ releases yet only one full-length namely “Wreaking Fear And Death” which I’m going to tell you a bit more about in a minute, but first I got the band name of the week for ya as I found these among PAGANFIRE’s split partners…so, hold your breath…drum whirl…here it comes: CUM SOCK! Brilliant! Hahaha, but back to our Thrashers here: eating their cereals with early 80s KREATOR pills and rotten milk smelling of SARCOFAGO has definitely worked well on these lads as “Wreaking Fear And Death” should immediately appeal to fans of primitive, raw and – to be honest – often entertainingly dilettantish Thrash with slightly too loud drums, ripping axes and out of control vocals imitating Mille with a funny Asian accent and overly dark and possessed atmosphere that is quite enjoyable. As this whole affair tiptoes into Black / Thrash territory the competitors are many and most often better than PAGANFIRE but if you are looking for the naïve original flair of the beginnings of extreme music with a certain exotic bonus the band’s burning fire burns just for you. I’m more into the tight ass American classic brand of Thrash, so it’s definitely a matter of taste, blondes or brunettes, beer or whiskey, pizza or pasta. Listen to ‘Lust Possessed’ here. Order some filthy fukked up Thrash here:

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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