Hate At First Seed
(Osmose Productions)

Sorry, but I don’t understand this. I suppose the guys in PHAZM are pretty proud of what they did with this record (I hope for them). But to me this disc is totally useless, typically the kind of record I only listen to once (because I am forced to) and that’s all. The band (whoever they are) have developed a strange concept around the “rebellion of the trees “(I am quoting the promo leaflet here), returning to the roots of all. The result is supposedly due to sound like Black Metal with a slice of Rock’n’Roll to spice the things up. What you get in reality is a slab of boring Nu Metal, totally uninspired and ugly. The vocals sound horrendous, sort of mid range screams of anguish, very aggro. It is true that on some occasions you can here some Black Metal overtones but one can question the reason of their presence on this. The three (tree?) musicians involved have certainly pushed their intellectual limits to the max to come out with something very original and clever, too bad they failed big time. I don’t have the intention to lose my time anymore with this shit, the worst record I listened to in 2004. The band claim influences from DARKTHRONE and BATHORY (?????), needless to say you can’t hear that here. Atrocious! Hate as first need!

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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