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Yeah!!! I’ve been waiting for an official release from PRIME EVIL since 1988. Many thanks to King Fowley from Battlezone Records for releasing this posthumous collection (also thanks to Andy for sending a copy to me). And this does not disappoint. PRIME EVIL were one of my favorite bands in the late eighties and early nineties. And this CD contains every PRIME EVIL song ever recorded – including four that I have never heard before. A pleasant surprise to me, because I thought I heard them all. PRIME EVIL were an awesome blend of Thrash and Death Metal. Thrashing like DARK ANGEL / SLAYER with no lame ass Thrash vocals… but killer Death vocals from Andy. I was lucky enough to see them play live many times in the few years that they were around. They played the NY area with many killer bands of that time… IMMOLATION, RIPPING CORPSE and DEATH among others. And they were all cool as hell too…. I can still remember to this day, when I saw them for around the third time, they walked up to me and said that they noticed me at shows before and thanked me for the support! I’ve always thought that that was cool as hell. The CD is awesome. Very nice looking layout and packaging thanks to Tad and Todd, the two drummers on the recordings. And the lyrics are included for all the songs. And there is even a really cool bio written by Ed Farshtey. The sound quality is really great. The first four songs from the “Prime Evil” demo sound way better than on my original demo tape. All the other demo songs are excellent quality recordings. The only songs that I can find faults with are the rare tracks 13 through 16 recorded live on two tracks. They do not sound as clear as the rest, but I am still glad they were included on the CD, because they are the ones that I never heard before. All in all, an excellent release… I just wish it came out in 1992, because I always thought that PRIME EVIL were special and would rise to the top of the Death Metal scene. But at least we have this killer collection to remember them by! Ordering info: $12 ppd in the US and $15 ppd in Europe. Money orders payable to King Fowley, 1004 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, VA 22205, USA

Adam Delarede

Adam Delarede

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