False Enlightenment
(Hellthrasher Productions)

I love Greece – and I do love the Greek Metal scene – especially when it comes down to bands like RESURGENCY. This 4-piece Greek act RESURGENCY plays Death Metal the right way, combining an unmatched brutality of bands like DEICIDE and TORTURE KILLER with "Leprosy" era DEATH – and that way managing to drop a few pairs of jaws completely wide open by sheer amazement on the band’s 10-track debut full-length studio album, titled "False Enlightenment". Carrying lots of high-velocity energy and brutality capacities like these Greek lads have managed to get for their songs on "False Enlightenment", there’s no way a serious Death Metal consumer would leave this record completely untouched. RESURGENCY have it all, to pave the way for a new coming of Greek Death Metal, which is about to get unleashed by a vicious, vast storm if this record is something to go by. "False Enlightenment" is about fast tempos, great riffing, a genuine vision of having the right components sticking to each other seamlessly – and first and foremost, about understanding some basic facts how make some truly entertaining, kick-ass (old school) Death Metal without any compromises. That’s what you are about to get on "False Enlightenment" – and I don’t wanna say much more expect get this.,

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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