Beware The Scythe
(Primitive Reaction Records)

I want to get straight to the bone marrow here. SCYTHE from Chicago, USA, is a Black Thrash’n’Rolling Death Bastard Swamp Metal spawned from the ashes of USURPER. Mainman Rick Scythe used to lead that band and after it broke up, SCYTHE was born and sort of carries the same torch! The big difference though is that SCYTHE is a more focused and purified beast, born from mixing Occult themes and unexplained weird topics lyrically with just about all the best elements from Death / Black / Thrash / Heavy / Rock’n’Roll music. Every fuckin riff oozes with power, energy and feeling. Backed up by a thick as fuck rhythm section laying down killer grooves this monster comes at you fast, mid-paced and slooow in all the right places! In the words of Rick Scythe which I cite from his interview in "That Devil Music" webzine (read it here): "Every song is 100% headbangable and fist-bangable – that is the main priority." I can swear by those words, it truly fuckin is! The first three tracks drop like an H-Bomb: ‘The Iron Witch’, ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Beware The Scythe’ will scorch the ground under your feet and you will drop in the flames of Hell!! ‘Tyranical Strangehold’ will squash you up with its heaviness and ‘Opus Dei Of The Dead’ delivers brain chilling chorus. Every track is masterfully crafted and has lots of different elements, but always stays in the dark groove! ‘Planet Of The Humans’ finishes the album clearing all doubts about the power of this beast. Listening to SCYTHE you can hear the whole range of masterfully molded influences into their own unique style, although it still is pure fucking Metal! There are VENOM, MANOWAR, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, UNLEASHED, SODOM and even more 70s Hard Rock vibes going on there, but it is pure SCYTHE. Actually, I’d like to mention another old Chicago band SCEPTER, their album "I’m Going To Hell" (released in 1998) laid ground to the style which SCYTHE also pursues, but they do it with much more impact! Also of course the USURPER ghost is out there in the background lingering about! OK, so you get the point – Chicago Metal at its best! No more shitting around and wasting your hearing on crappy modern overprocessed "brootal" boring drivel! Kill your ears, snap your necks and liquify your livers with the best Metal that’s out there! "Beware The Scythe" rules!,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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