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Soulseller Records have some mighty bands in their repertoire right now and I like the way they handle all different kind of releases from regular CD releases (e.g. MAIM, THORNIUM or ALVERG), vinyl releases (e.g. the compilation "Resurrected In Festering Slime" or the re-release of the OPHTHALAMIA back catalogue on vinyl) to 7" EPs. This here is the 7" EP from Swedish band STENCH which is their first official release as far as I know. A good start if you ask me, from nothing to vinyl, haha. OK, I forgot to mention that STENCH are featured on the marvellous compilation "Resurrected In Festering Slime" with their song ‘Stench Of Death’. However, this single contains 4 songs of Swedish Death Metal with some influences / similarities to EUCHARIST (e.g. the fantastic beginning harmonies of ‘Through The Crypts Of Ghostland’) and GROTESQUE and this is meant in a strictly positive way. I recognized the quality of STENCH (what a sentence, haha) already on the mentioned compilation, nevertheless listening to a whole recording, 4 songs so to speak in with a playing time of more than 12 minutes showed them in an even brighter light. Despite the bandname, which I think is neither original nor good, I like this recording so much that I would promise that their next release will become a real outstanding killer recording. Right now they are huge hopefull for me and I use to listen to this seven-inch on an almost daily base. What’s left to say? Just buy this release from either or

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

STENCH - Venture (Julián "The Vast" Núñez)
STENCH - In Putrescence (Sergei Pismeny)
STENCH OF DECAY - interview (Jason Campbell)

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