The Cleansing

This is the first musical sign of life from Sweden’s TERRORAMA after their debut full length "Horrid Efface" on Nuclear War Now Productions. A classic demo tape, with a xeroxed black & white cover (very old school indeed) that offers four brand new songs (‘Perversion Extol’, ‘Inseminated With Scorn’, ‘The Self-Exorcism’ and an instrumental version of ‘Archaic Visions’) as well as a cool covertune of Germany’s "Dead City" Thrashers VIOLENT FORCE (‘M.A.O.T.’). The tape is limited to 125 copies only and basically meant for promotional aspects only in order to let interested people know what the band is about to sound like on their upcoming second album (supposed to be recorded a little later this year and again to be unleashed via Nuclear War Now Productions). I must say that this material here impressed me a hell lot more than the entire "Horrid Efface" album (which already wasn’t a bad release either) because they sound so incredibly honest, raw and back to the roots of the extreme underground days that it’s a real pleasure to listen to them! Even though TERRORAMA musically focus on the very early old school blackened deathrashin’ insanity they never sound fake or retro in any way. You could easily sell this as an obscure underground release from a far healthier period of time in Metal history! Ripping and raw, crushing and intense and black from the heart should sum this up pretty easily! TREBLINKA, old SARCOFAGO, old MERCILESS, NECROVORE, old BATHORY, INSANITY and the likes are bands that delivered their stuff with a quite similar attitude and musical approach… So, if you still prefer the pre-commercialized period in underground Black / Death / Thrash Metal you should make sure to keep the name TERRORAMA in mind. Like I said, unfortunately the demo is not officially available, but you may try to convince the band for a sales version anyway: TERRORAMA, c/o Peter Lidén, Vendesg. 5A, S- 29153 Kristianstad, Sweden, terrorama@hotmail.com

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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