Cataclysm Architects
(Musikk Og Mystikk Records)

Two quite unknown bands in the scene, though no virgins when talking about releases, are presenting us a cool split CD with approx. 20 minutes and 3 songs each of mighty Death Metal music. What else are you expecting? UNSPOKEN, which were already featured in Voices From The Darkside with a review of their demo CD "Primal Revelation", make the beginning of this CD with their ‘Dogs Of War’ tune. Great rhythm, groovy Death Metal with a fantastic yet clear and natural sound mostly in midtempo is what the guys offer. Or how they call it: "The repulsive, doomish baby of a Swedish Death Metal mom and a US Death Metal dad, with a possible Black Metal syndrom!" Thanks guys, this saves me from searching a lame description for your sound. Well, a mix of Swedish and American Death Metal might be indeed the most suitable comparison. Still I’m not quite sure who’s mom and who’s dad, haha. Great songs anyway. The song ‘Cold, Bleak And Dead’ is featured on the "Resurrection In Festering Slime" compilation for the case that you are interested. ‘Extraction From Reality’, the start of VOMITOUS’ part on this CD offers technical American influenced Death Metal with hints of MONSTROSITY, a huge dose DEICIDE and the likes living in the Florida area, if you ask me. Technically offering high quality Death Metal with a mighty sound, again not overproduced with a good natural feeling. Did I say that the guys come from the UK? If I had to guess I would have failed, haha. Both bands convince here and offer quality Death Metal, though far from being original, nevertheless thousand times worthier to support and to spend your money on than on those so called professional releases from the bigger labels. This is quality stuff. Buy! Check out the band’s myspacepages www.myspace.com/unspokennorway and www.myspace.com/vomitousuk. The split CD sells for 12 € + shipping from any of those 2 addresses.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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