Goatcraft Torment
(Agonia Records)

I always thought that URGEHAL was the case of a band that enjoys recognition mostly due to the fact that they come from Hønefoss (Norway), formed in 1992 and know how to play traditional Black Metal the Norwegian way. I haven’t given them any chance in the past so when Frank asked who would be interested in reviewing their last album I thought that this would be a good chance to actually listen to something from this band and form a proper opinion. After first listening to URGEHAL’s latest endeavor I couldn’t stop thinking for a single moment that these guys do whatever possible to gain today what they couldn’t gain, say 10 years ago, that is a position among Norway’s top Black Metal bands. Don’t take me wrong, URGEHAL deliver a decent piece of mid-tempo Darkthrone / Carpathian Forest-like Black Metal with loads of blasting bursts that won’t disappoint fans of the aforementioned bands. “Goat Craft Torment” sounds so damn traditional, from production to the sound of guitars and from lyrics to the entire band image. I guess they could avoid some naïve lyrics here and there but they might even want them to sound naïve, so why bother? I guess no more words need to be added on “Goat Craft Torment”. If you need one more traditional, Norwegian Black Metal album in your collection you know where you should invest your money on. I suppose you already own stuff like old Isvind, Throne of Ahaz (who in fact were from Sweden – Frank), Kvist etc, right? Further info: www.agoniarecords.com

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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