Seal Of Phobos
(Everlasting Spew Records)

VALGRIND is the main entrance to Valhalla according to the Norse mythology. So, one would expect a band from Nordic lands to take the name and play Viking Metal. Well, ah, no. This band VALGRIND comes from Italy, they exist since 1993, so newcomers they are not, and so far have released two full lengths and this is their last MLP. And let me tell you that, what I can hear here has me left looking for more. The music is Death Metal mixed with a good dose of Thrash, and reminds me to a very early MORBID ANGEL with tiny bits of DEICIDE and for some reason some times I can hear some bits of NOCTURNUS too. Something to really notice are the solos, they have a very personal touch, quite moody, melancholic in a way, but adding class to the music. Vocal wise it also reminds me a lot of a younger Country singer, ejem, to David Vincent. The production values are also very good, not that polished not that raw with a right balance. Lyric wise we are faced with ancient battles and the lies that humanity has been plagued with for centuries. Four songs and a short instrumental are more than enough to make me look at their past catalog to find also very good music in the same style. Those looking for “Altar Of Madness” inspired Metal albums have to look no further. And keep an eye on upcoming releases for sure will be worth.,

Julián “New Born Deceit” Núñez

Julián “New Born Deceit” Núñez

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