Chemical Assault
(Earache Records)

Brazil’s VIOLATOR (not to be confused with another act named VIOLATOR from Bauru, Sao Paulo) got together back in early 2002 and already released their first rehearsal demo “Killer Instinct” a little later the same year. An EP (“Violent Mosh”, 2004) and a split release with the band BYWAR (“Violent War”, 2005), as well as a couple of compilation contributions followed until they finally unleashed their first full length album “Chemical Assault” via the small Kill Again Records label in October 2006. The current line-up consists of Pedro Arcanjo (bass / vocals), Pedro Augusto (guitars), David Araya (drums) and Marcio Enei (guitars). These guys were already totally dedicated to pure old school Thrash Metal right from the beginning and in that respect often got compared to acts like VIO-LENCE, SEPULTURA, TESTAMENT, DARK ANGEL, KREATOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT or EXODUS… I totally agree about their overall musical approach, which is the most honest sounding and dedicated Thrash I’ve heard in quite some time. Can’t really tell you if all of those comparisons are right as “Chemical Assault” is currently the only VIOLATOR release I know, but judging them by this album alone I would describe their music as a very solid mixture of “Bonded By Blood” – era EXODUS, with elements of ASSASSIN (“Interstellar Experience”, especially for the vocal delivery) and some early SACRIFICE (for the SLAYER / DESTRUCTION overtones in the riffing). So, don’t expect any boring retro Death / Thrash here, but a highly extreme, very well written and furiously performed 80s Thrash inferno. No surprise that Earache Records picked up the album and re-released it, so that it finally should be easily available everywhere from now on. Great one! For all further info check out,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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