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Last summer, a mysterious duo from Nürnberg (no information about the two members P.D. and T.H.), under the moniker VITRIOL, self-produced their first self-titled demo on tape, now released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions. They chose an over-satured sound on the way of the rawest Black / Death bands like BEHERIT, ARCH GOAT, PROFANATICA and VON, so you can expect only acid guitar riffs, primitive drumming and infernal vocals with massive reverberation on the six tracks of "Vitriol". It’s the wrong place if you’re looking for a good production, but it works if conceived as a typical demo tape from the early 90s. Ecstasy for putrescence and death worship are the main objects to describe the attitude of this band, truly focused on the construction of the morbid and rotten wall of sound that supports every song, from the hammering opening ‘Lo-Irt-IV’ to the last one, a slow agony titled ‘The Deathbed Of The Usurper’. Then, this demo / EP surely can stimulate diabolic smiles and blasphemous approvals, even if there’s a lot a room for improvement concerning the songwriting and the instrumental performance. Keep updated with these maniacs at and visit their label at

David Lucido

David Lucido

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